After (Short-story published in Reflection's Edge Magazine August 2009)

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Anonymous said…
Best short-story of the year so far by a couple of billion yards!

It's twisted and funny, and gorgeous, and touching and bizarrely thoughtful.

How the hell did you manage that you evil genius?

Great work, really great x
poetrytutor said…
I'm inclined to agree with the previous comments.

I'll add a link to this on my fb page.

Wonderfully written prose and well-deserving of being published.
I'll be surprised if this one doesn't get anthologised.
You rock, more stories please, they last longer than the poems and so keep me saner for longer at work.

Sane might not be the most apt word to use in conjunction with this story though. Well done on getting published in RE though, I've been trying for years and they won't have me. x
fallenangel66 said…
Great story, you can tell your a poet at heart in it too
Anonymous said…
be the serpent said...
Whoa! Firstly lovin the name, ha ha ha. Secondly, the description is so vivid! Grotesque and gorgeous all at once. Get ready for the pasting ha ha.

'Every utterance and breath from the stranger sounded as though it were fighting its way up the esophagus, scraping vocal chords with drive on its way to freedom.'

'The flush of white, Colin could see from behind his eyelids and hands, subsided like a sunset on fast-forward into a delightful urine-yellow and finally settled to a calm blood-red.'

Gross but good!!!

Love how the scary, ugly angel, uses pet names such as 'chickpea' and 'chickadoodle'. It's funny and quirky and unnerving, hee.

'Colin sacrificed a sigh ' love it. So tragic and sweet.

'The air was thick with a familiar smell; somewhere between flatulence and old egg sandwiches. “Don’t worry Chicklet, your bowls aint shifted, that’s just me.” '

U really are a sick little puppy, ha ha.

Love 'the cold bruise of a floor.'

And as I already gushed to you over text, the best line of the whole thing for me is: 'The floor seemed somehow insubstantial, as though a length of red satin had been pulled lazily across an abyss.' Wow Mr Nash, you're writing my life with every tap on the keyboard. Such a beautiful, frightening image, you haunt me!!!

The description of the 'wrinkled brie-faced angel is hideous and poor col's exposure is touchingly tender and vulnerable.

'Colin’s stomach disappeared from within him.' Feel that sensation on a regular basis.

Love the ouroboros and Lacuna Coil musings too and this line:

'The angel’s eyes were tired and old and in their gaze Colin felt less than insignificant.' Again, I feel ya. Eyes as deep as mirrors and all.

Love the last line '“For Chrissakes, this one’s gonna take for-bleedin’-ever.”' We are akward buggers aren't we with all our questions and emotions and independent thought and such. But seriously dude, don't ever change!!

xxxxx Dani