Sunday, 18 July 2010

Wanting to Go (First published by Stairwell books' Along the Iron Veins Anthology)

At that point when you wanted to go,
did the brittle bracken of your brain
spare a thought to the destination?

Or maybe destination was the lure:
a traveller without wanderlust
until that travel agent snared you.

All those brochures vomited in your arms.
What option but to break out the plastic
and excavate the mouldering suitcase?

You never could turn down a trip on a train.
“Where are we going?” I’d ask, and you’d rumble:
“It doesn’t matter lad, the train knows.”

I used to think those big metal monsters
were the saddest creatures in the world
doomed always to travel their single route.

Did you think to share news of your bargain?
I could’ve been a good travelling companion.
Some nights I still think I might meet you there.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Being Judas

Because in my case results are inconclusive
but seem to beckon toward the negative
I think I’ll respond to the inevitable: “Are you sure
you want one more?” with a joyful Roman five.

I’ll seek out the other moonlight dancers and thieves,
though you fear I’ll wake in a bath minus my liver
(the bandits pact not applicable to newcomers),
still I’ll turn my bleeding back on good advice.

When I accept the solace of another last cigarette
and your eyes swing an orbit in their sockets
know that I won’t be seeking forgiveness
tonight’s purple hessian is no backdrop for resolutions.

Why not join me for a game? You can pick
as long as it’s for money we won’t even have to kiss.
Canasta? Twister? I always did surprise at chess.
Either way you’ll win, leave me broke, I promise.

Tonight, delicately as you would a mandolin, cradle
your stifled swaddling of disapproval just a little
looser, and know that because there is no place
like an old friend’s floor
I could never turn down
just one more.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Open Wide Magazine issue 23 - out now

New issue out today with a particularly strong poetry selection if I do say so myself, including work from: Jeffrey Alfier, Malin Bergstrom, Jennifer Cook, P. J. Hancock, Joshua Jones, Lisa Mansell, James D. Quinton, U.V.Ray, Felino A. Soriano, and Jennifer Wong.

Also - Fiction from: Alice Cuninghame, Tom Sheehan, john-patrick ayson, Toby Ross and Mark Piggott, and book and art reviews by: J.S. Watts, Steven Harris and Sophie Mayer. Interview: Poet and publisher Geoff Stevens and actor Misha Jones.