Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Reviews and interviews round up

I’ve been rather lax over the past few months when it comes to reporting on my reportage.  I blame all of this not on procrastination or my own laziness of course, and rather on that pesky car crash what’s the point in being a car wreck if one can’t blame one’s shortcomings on it eh?

Anyhoo here’s a few of the reviews and interviews/features I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to scribble over the past few weeks and months.  Please feel free to have a read and then tell me how wrong I am :D.

First up – I got the chance to pen an interview with the ever-busy Joey Jordison of Slipknot fame as he geared up to launch his latest side project, Scar the Martyr’s, debut album:

And also here’s my thoughts on said album:

Also one of my faves in recent memory – those wee hyper noisniks The JCQ released ‘Mechanical Young’ to not nearly enough fanfare:

Next up, and most recent because this post is as ordered as my thoughts, Evan Weiss’ latest project Into It. Over It. for the more lo-fi inclined listener:

There are plenty more lurking on the site, or in the print issue (also available for your mobile device), including Blue October, and These Monsters to name a couple but I’ll leave the link overload with the most notable of the bunch: Local York legend David Ward Maclean:

Thanks for the clicks you lovely interweb peebles ;) x

Friday, 4 October 2013


Soundsphere magazine is a York-based online and print publication that focuses on local, national and international music, arts and culture, and they've just released a digital interactive version of their latest issue.

The Soundsphere mag brand has gone from strength to strength over the past few years gaining more notoriety through its diverse coverage, which has in turn, created the opportunity to unleash a new digital interactive version of Soundsphere magazine's third issue featuring renowned artists including Asking Alexandria, The Gaslight Anthem, Reverend And The Makers and more.

This version of the magazine is available to purchase from the Apple App Store for £2.99 once downloaded (search for the term Soundsphere Mag) and it functions with iPhone and iPad (following this link to access). An Android version is also available following the download of the Readr app (following this link)  

The digital and interactive publication will give fans of the magazine a chance to access the best in arts, culture and music news from Yorkshire and beyond. “It's something I've always wanted to do,” comments Soundsphere magazine editor, Dom Smith. “I feel like this will open us up to loads more people, and there are some really exciting possibilities for us to explore as we look at more interactive ways to engage with our dedicated readership.”

Jack Casling (Creative Director at Choir Of Vision) helped make the magazine ready for digital consumption (following awesome page composition work by Soundsphere's in-house designer, Jamie Mahon). Jack comments: "Working on the digital version of Soundsphere magazine has been a blast. Dom and his team are people who I have been hugely excited to collaborate with and being responsible for kicking off the magazine's IOS presence is an honour. Long may it continue!”

Starting out as a DIY online publication working with local bands around key areas like York, Hull and Sheffield, the magazine has developed a fantastic following and on the back of print releases and a successful website (www.soundspheremag.com), is now able to travel the world and cover festivals as diverse as Sziget (Hungary), Exit (Serbia) and SXSW (USA).

For more information click the links above or e-mail Vicky Hedley: vicky@soundspheremag.com.