Wednesday, 24 September 2014

New Anthology - Out Now!

How Am I Doing for Time? Is an anthology celebrating 5 years of one of Yorkshire's most popular monthly spoken word nights, Poems, Prose and Pints.

I've been lucky enough to be the guest speaker twice in the past few years and have always had a blast.

The anthology contains regulars, and guests from a glorious half decade of booze and brilliance. There's a great mix of poets in here, from performers like Ash Dickinson, Hayden Cohen, and Laurence O'Reilly, favourite wordsmiths like Becky Cherriman, Siobhan MacMahon, Gaia Holmes, and Oz Hardwick, tireless champions of the local poetry scene like Rose Drew, Andy Humphrey, Winston Plowes, and Matthew Hedley Stoppard, and dear friends like Greg White, Michael Hildred, Steve Toase, and Jem Henderson, all edited and neatly wrapped by Tim Ellis.

There are more in there I should have mentioned but at just £2.75 it's worth letting you discover some of the delights for yourselves :)

Sadly the link I've been given to use is (hushed tones) amazon... but ne'mind eh?

Sunday, 21 September 2014

They'll let anyone in The York Press these days

York Press had a few words to say about me a wee while ago and a couple of pics.  Thanks to the Skillys for spotting it and not feeding my face to their fire :)

Full article is also available online here:

The Write Out Loud Interview

The lovely Greg Freeman was generous enough to spare some time to chat with me about life, love, and the ballooniverse for Write Out Loud.  Click the link below for the full interview:

New Anthology - Out Now!

A bit late on this one.
Apparently we had a few bikes in the area.
In celebration of this Stairwell have launched their latest beautiful slab of literary loveliness: Still Life with Wine & Cheese.
It's an anthology of art, poetry, and fiction from some wonderfully talented folks (plus me).

More info is available over at Stairwell here:

An Interview with Oz Hardwick @ Soundsphere

I got to have a pretty in-depth chat with one of my favourite writers (and favourite people).

My chat with the wonderful Oz Hardwick is now up over at Soundsphere:
Click here for the interview

They say never meet your idols, but on the rare chance they're anything like Oz you may just make a great and dear friend.

Guardian Witness - Spoken Word

A video of me performing 'The Good Book' recorded at Evidently Salford earlier this year topped the Guardian Witness Spoken word poll last week.  There's some wonderful stuff on there, uploaded by a diverse selection of poetificators, so thanks so much for all the votes you crazy wee beans :)

It's closed now but you can still check out the vids here:

Thanks to Kieren King for uploading the vid on my behalf too.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

New Leeds Open mic @ The White Swan

I had the good fortune of being invited to go along to the inaugural Pastiche Magazine Open Mic night at the White Swan in Leeds this week.

A wonderful array of performers, some familiar, some new to me, shared a diverse array of work in a gorgeous city centre pub.  And an old friend/foe even came and crashed my set (see photo).

If you fancy sharing, or just having a listen, then pop on down on the second Monday of every month.

More details here:
Click here for the Pastiche Facebook Page

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Ryedale Book Festival (An event for the wee ones)

Saturday October 11th - 10am til 11:30am
I'll be hosting this wonderful event at the Ryedale Book Festival.  The event's totally free and all children of any age are invited to come and share their own work or the work of their favourite writers and poets.  I'll be joining in with my own brand of daftness.  Please come and join us.
More info available here:

You'll have to scroll down the page past some guy called Michael Morpurgo to find it though ;)