Thursday, 2 December 2010

New Short Story in Sparkbright Issue 5

Sparkbright - run by the inimitable Emily Smith - Issue 5 includes my short fiction piece 'After'.

It can be found at the following link:

Friday, 5 November 2010

New Anthology

The new Poetry Rivals collection - out very soon includes my piece 'Stage Play'

Fun times

Friday, 22 October 2010


Due to a server categorisation of Terrorism the previous poem posted here: "She Says She Hates Poetry" - has been removed.

Although I'm disgusted at having to remove the post it was impossible for any individual to access this site whilst the post remained active.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

New Anthology: Along the Iron Veins

Gorgeous new anthology from Stairwell Books, featuring some wonderful poetry and prose - including a couple of pieces from myself - out now.

Please visit the link below to see more of the creative loveliness Stairwell Books has to offer:

Open Wide Magazine Issue 24 - Out Now


Fiction: David Halliday, Curtis McGlinche, Colin Galbraith, James D Quinton and Suzanne Ushie. Poetry: Roddy Williams, Graham Nunn, Alan Britt, David Greenslade, Noel Williams, A.D. Winans, J.S. Watts, Heidi Colthup, Steve Nash, and James D Quinton. W.P. Swindon’s Diary of an Artist. Book reviews by: J.S.Watts, Michael Egan and Michèle Barzey. Interview: Writer Chika Unigwe.

Available here:

Thursday, 12 August 2010

New(ish) Book

Northern Type 51 - A collection of poetry and prose from Yorkshire-based writerfolks, including a couple from me, available now from Waterstones or the link below:

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Wanting to Go (First published by Stairwell books' Along the Iron Veins Anthology)

At that point when you wanted to go,
did the brittle bracken of your brain
spare a thought to the destination?

Or maybe destination was the lure:
a traveller without wanderlust
until that travel agent snared you.

All those brochures vomited in your arms.
What option but to break out the plastic
and excavate the mouldering suitcase?

You never could turn down a trip on a train.
“Where are we going?” I’d ask, and you’d rumble:
“It doesn’t matter lad, the train knows.”

I used to think those big metal monsters
were the saddest creatures in the world
doomed always to travel their single route.

Did you think to share news of your bargain?
I could’ve been a good travelling companion.
Some nights I still think I might meet you there.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Being Judas

Because in my case results are inconclusive
but seem to beckon toward the negative
I think I’ll respond to the inevitable: “Are you sure
you want one more?” with a joyful Roman five.

I’ll seek out the other moonlight dancers and thieves,
though you fear I’ll wake in a bath minus my liver
(the bandits pact not applicable to newcomers),
still I’ll turn my bleeding back on good advice.

When I accept the solace of another last cigarette
and your eyes swing an orbit in their sockets
know that I won’t be seeking forgiveness
tonight’s purple hessian is no backdrop for resolutions.

Why not join me for a game? You can pick
as long as it’s for money we won’t even have to kiss.
Canasta? Twister? I always did surprise at chess.
Either way you’ll win, leave me broke, I promise.

Tonight, delicately as you would a mandolin, cradle
your stifled swaddling of disapproval just a little
looser, and know that because there is no place
like an old friend’s floor
I could never turn down
just one more.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Open Wide Magazine issue 23 - out now

New issue out today with a particularly strong poetry selection if I do say so myself, including work from: Jeffrey Alfier, Malin Bergstrom, Jennifer Cook, P. J. Hancock, Joshua Jones, Lisa Mansell, James D. Quinton, U.V.Ray, Felino A. Soriano, and Jennifer Wong.

Also - Fiction from: Alice Cuninghame, Tom Sheehan, john-patrick ayson, Toby Ross and Mark Piggott, and book and art reviews by: J.S. Watts, Steven Harris and Sophie Mayer. Interview: Poet and publisher Geoff Stevens and actor Misha Jones.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Download 2010 @ Sphere Magazine

Recently did some reviewing for the larvely Sphere magazine.

For our verdict on a blinding weekend head here (apologies in advance to Stone Temple Pilots fans) -; )

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

New Article on a Great New Site

A great new site dedicated to the wonderful games we used to love in our younger years has gone live today - set up by the inimitable Craig Shaw.

The site, and my piece, can be located here:

Please check out THE BOB-OMB.COM

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Open Wide Magazine issue 22 - Now online

Open Wide Magazine issue 22 is now online

Including -
Fiction: William Falo, Rhys Milsom, Jared Booth¸ Zdravka Evtimova, Trace Sheridan and James D. Quinton.
Poetry: Andrew Pidoux, Geoff Stevens, Howie Good, Michael Egan, Michael Pedersen, Peter Branson, Borbála Faragó and James D. Quinton.
W.P. Swindon’s 'Diary of An Artist'.
Book and music reviews: J.S. Watts, Steven Harris, Isobel Baker and Jack Dean.
Interviews: Mark Piggott and Leo Williams from Dreadzone.

Available at:

And find us on Facebook:!/group.php?gid=101824738077

Relocation (First published by Indigo Rising)

I hear the impact. No more than a dull
thud, distant as a car door closed a street
away. The source initially escapes me.
At my shoulder three removal men
divide the heft of a black-rimmed mirror.

They too have heard the beat and hold their pose.
And there it is. The tiny corpse a shadow
upon the graphite-grey concrete. The men
all watch as I reach with trembling fingers.
A swallow, its neck unnaturally loose.

Still warm with passing life this once restless
thing of sound and fire has winged too keenly
into its own reflection, meeting the depths
of unforgiving glass. Broken body still
housing the last efforts of its tiny heart

only just stilled. The men complete their move
of the mirror into the hollow tunnel
of their vehicle and one, with a cloth
fashioned from a torn rag, wipes away
the small mark the bird has left upon the glass.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

New Anthology!

Launched in conjunction with the York Literature Festival from Stairwell books, featuring 3 new pieces from meself - "Frisson"

Sunday, 7 March 2010


I have just been appointed to the post of poetry editor at Open Wide Magazine.

You can find the magazine here:

Please come visit this great publication.

Oh and also - I've just been shortlisted for the Huddersfield Literature Festival poetry prize. I'm practising my gracious loser face as we speak.

Friday, 12 February 2010


(for Dani - part angel, part demon, all cat lover)

Her name was Snowflake.
No one recalled who gave her the name
nobody knew where she had come from
some things don’t need to be questioned.

Two fleshy pink swathes
cut the feline fur of her shoulder blades
an eleven branded from some past mystery.
Someone joked it was where her wings had been.

She never was much of a lap creature
except for the time the grandfather came
and an unnatural patience grew within her
a little kindness perhaps for his final year.

More than once the midnight peace was broken
by one of the children’s terrified shrieking
“It was Snowflake!” they’d wail – something about horns
but it was sacrificed to nightmare, forgotten in the morning.

Memories of such moments would occasionally flash
when a shadow passed over her knowing face.
There was a hushed discussion of what to do with her
but at least Jehovah’s witnesses now avoided their door.

One morning she commenced the fur ball dance
convulsing and choking as if birthing a universe
and out came a matted tangle of bleeding mulch
placental and raw, a chrysalis sticky as pitch.

The mass, dark as a pinot grape,
twitched and stutteringly began to sway.
It unfolded its corrupted flesh, opened like an egg,
then came the emergence of insectile legs.

Alien eyes of black antenna
surveyed the room of their birth
then followed two flags of kaleidoscope haze,
butterfly wings, it ascended and fled into the day.

Everyone knew that they’d witnessed this
but it would never be mentioned again.
Snowflake laboured her ageless eyes closed
as though nothing of note had occurred.

The winter they last saw her
snow had crusted the garden blue
they woke to the smell of cold
and the salted taste of loss.

In an unspoken pact her name would never be uttered
but each of them on occasion had cause to remember
the nightmares she lay like sweet meats on their beds
whatever she was, wherever she went.