Sunday, 27 June 2010

Download 2010 @ Sphere Magazine

Recently did some reviewing for the larvely Sphere magazine.

For our verdict on a blinding weekend head here (apologies in advance to Stone Temple Pilots fans) -; )


Emily Bee said...

five stars for rage but only two for 30 seconds to mars?! mental.

grand weekend though.

steven.nash82 said...

Ah two different reviewers there - so there may be a little disparity - I stick to my 2 for 30secs tho altho I'd probably reduce rage by one - they were on fire though

Emily Bee said...

Ah, well I'm not a Rage fan, but I did think they were alright when I saw the end of their set.

I only really went for AC/DC and Billy Idol though. Epicccc


Beruby4ever said...