Wednesday, 30 November 2016

New Anthology from Beautiful Dragons Press

The new collaborative anthology from Beautiful Dragons - Not A Drop: Just Oceans of Poetry
is out not featuring work from many wonderful poets, and my own piece 'Hudson Strait'

You can find their website over here:

It's always lovely to be involved in the collaborations and the anthologies never disappoint.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Calder Valley Codex - Out Now

My new pamphlet, The Calder Valley Codex is available now over at the Book Shop:
Click here to buy a copy

'Steve Nash's poems speak with a 'feral tongue', honouring the Calder valley, a landscape of breathing chimneys, swooning moors and night-sky stories. This collection celebrates the desire paths we forge through language as well as through landscape. The poems of The Calder Valley Codex make you 'press your ear to the page' and listen truly'
- Helen Mort

'Millstone grit and the shadow of the industrial earnestness sing the song of the upper Calder valley. Steve Nash writes about these 'edgelands' with skill and artistry, captures the idiolect of their 'haunted geography' in sharp, relevant imagery and thoughtful, precise language. These are very fine poems indeed. I have enjoyed them immensely. You will too.'
- Bob Horne

Thanks to everyone who has supported me, and the publisher throughout the wee book's development.