Friday, 22 October 2010


Due to a server categorisation of Terrorism the previous poem posted here: "She Says She Hates Poetry" - has been removed.

Although I'm disgusted at having to remove the post it was impossible for any individual to access this site whilst the post remained active.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

New Anthology: Along the Iron Veins

Gorgeous new anthology from Stairwell Books, featuring some wonderful poetry and prose - including a couple of pieces from myself - out now.

Please visit the link below to see more of the creative loveliness Stairwell Books has to offer:

Open Wide Magazine Issue 24 - Out Now


Fiction: David Halliday, Curtis McGlinche, Colin Galbraith, James D Quinton and Suzanne Ushie. Poetry: Roddy Williams, Graham Nunn, Alan Britt, David Greenslade, Noel Williams, A.D. Winans, J.S. Watts, Heidi Colthup, Steve Nash, and James D Quinton. W.P. Swindon’s Diary of an Artist. Book reviews by: J.S.Watts, Michael Egan and Michèle Barzey. Interview: Writer Chika Unigwe.

Available here: