New Anthology - Out Now!

How Am I Doing for Time? Is an anthology celebrating 5 years of one of Yorkshire's most popular monthly spoken word nights, Poems, Prose and Pints.

I've been lucky enough to be the guest speaker twice in the past few years and have always had a blast.

The anthology contains regulars, and guests from a glorious half decade of booze and brilliance. There's a great mix of poets in here, from performers like Ash Dickinson, Hayden Cohen, and Laurence O'Reilly, favourite wordsmiths like Becky Cherriman, Siobhan MacMahon, Gaia Holmes, and Oz Hardwick, tireless champions of the local poetry scene like Rose Drew, Andy Humphrey, Winston Plowes, and Matthew Hedley Stoppard, and dear friends like Greg White, Michael Hildred, Steve Toase, and Jem Henderson, all edited and neatly wrapped by Tim Ellis.

There are more in there I should have mentioned but at just £2.75 it's worth letting you discover some of the delights for yourselves :)

Sadly the link I've been given to use is (hushed tones) amazon... but ne'mind eh?