Reviews and interviews round up

I’ve been rather lax over the past few months when it comes to reporting on my reportage.  I blame all of this not on procrastination or my own laziness of course, and rather on that pesky car crash what’s the point in being a car wreck if one can’t blame one’s shortcomings on it eh?

Anyhoo here’s a few of the reviews and interviews/features I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to scribble over the past few weeks and months.  Please feel free to have a read and then tell me how wrong I am :D.

First up – I got the chance to pen an interview with the ever-busy Joey Jordison of Slipknot fame as he geared up to launch his latest side project, Scar the Martyr’s, debut album:

And also here’s my thoughts on said album:

Also one of my faves in recent memory – those wee hyper noisniks The JCQ released ‘Mechanical Young’ to not nearly enough fanfare:

Next up, and most recent because this post is as ordered as my thoughts, Evan Weiss’ latest project Into It. Over It. for the more lo-fi inclined listener:

There are plenty more lurking on the site, or in the print issue (also available for your mobile device), including Blue October, and These Monsters to name a couple but I’ll leave the link overload with the most notable of the bunch: Local York legend David Ward Maclean:

Thanks for the clicks you lovely interweb peebles ;) x