A Splattering of Reviews on this Samhain Eve

Due to the large volume of reviews I’ve been fortunate enough to be requested to do in recent months, it seems rather gratuitous to blog links to them all.  As such here’s a few links to some of the releases which I deemed particularly noteworthy.  SoundSphere much appreciates the clicks : )

First up local York lad Mark Wynn and his beautifully titled: 'James Dean Makes Me Insecure, Why Does He Have To Be So Shexy'

Next up - the first half of Stone Sour's new concept opus: 'House of Gold & Bones Pt.1'

And last and possibly not least, they're young, they're brash, they're headed for a bright future, We Are Carnivores released their first EP 'Carnival'.  The debut from the Hull mob certainly impressed my earballs.

As always do feel free to tell me just how wrong I am : D

Take it easy squeezy.


hodgehedge said…
You always bring something so interesting to your reviews. They're never the run of the mill works that you see in most places.