Of Leaf and Wing (for Dani and Col on this their special day)

What’s true of labyrinths is true of course
of love and memory – Jack Spicer

There’s a reason wings always come in pairs.
From raven humble to butterfly proud,
it takes a twin beat to fight back the air,
push against gravity, to dance with the clouds.
Life was a labyrinth for one lonely leaf,
her wild reds dulled to a shadow of fire,
it made stars quiver, it made willows weep.
Those days her song was a poltergeist choir.

But one day another, red as heart’s blood,
came rolling through gales ‘til they met with a kiss.
This day their stems became entwined for good,
the two red leaves hung together in bliss;
this day to be bound in love and in trust,
when “should you need me” became  “should you need



Anonymous said…
That's really beautiful and simple and heartwarming, i've realy missed reading your poems xx
poetrytutor said…
Lovely, I imagine this was warmly received by the happy couple.
hodgehedge said…
Beautiful. Seems like a very personal poem what a great gift.xx